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Carrington Financial Services was founded more than 25 years ago at Hurtle Square, in the Adelaide CBD. With a meeting of the minds one Friday afternoon sitting around the boardroom table, the original founders Bryen Guy and Leon Twelftree came up with some ideas on a suitable name. Based on the location, Bryen suggested “Hurtle”, Leon followed up with “Halifax”, however Bryen’s wife Michelle came up with the winner – “Carrington Financial Services”. And the rest is history!

Since then, the Carrington business has grown and expanded to a city-fringe location for the convenience of our many Adelaide clients. With Bryen’s connection to the country, Carrington continue to service rural as well as interstate clients.


We place a high value on our staff, understanding that an investment in the skills and wellbeing of our people is a benefit for our clients. It means that we can offer a consistent level of service, with regularity and familiarity regardless of who you speak with or who you see.

At Carrington Financial Services, we work as a team to always deliver positive financial outcomes to our clients. The knowledge and understanding gained from our own life experiences also add to the services we offer. Our team of advisers and support staff always go that extra mile, setting high client expectations as our service standard.


Carrington has been built on referrals from our clients. It is a source of pride that our clients share their satisfaction with their friends and family. Our proposal is to bring our greatest asset, our clients, the appropriate financial knowledge so they can enjoy a secure and peaceful financial future.

Meeting with our team of financial advisers is the first step towards having a plan to reach your goals. We ensure that we are transparent in all our dealings, thus our clients know we have their best interests at heart.

At Carrington Financial Services, we talk to you, patiently, using simple and clear language. We tailor our approach to ensure you are always at the centre of everything we do, using effective and regular communication.

Trust and integrity are important values to the Carrington business, as well as all staff members. It is the foundation in which we can ensure all advice provided to clients is in their best interests.

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