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One of the most common queries that we receive is eligibility for Centrelink entitlements.

Social security payments, like those provided by Centrelink, offer direct financial assistance to those in need of Government support. However, we know it can be difficult to have a clear understanding of what entitlements are available, and confusing to navigate the systems and procedures required to obtain payments.

In our experience, many retirees are eligible to receive a Centrelink payment or concession once they cease working. This provides them with the certainty of being able to live comfortably in the future years. It is therefore an important part of anyone’s retirement planning.

Indeed, there are several entitlements available to eligible persons to support you financially. This includes JobSeeker, Carer and Disability Payments and the Age Pension, but also extends to concessions, benefits and support mechanisms.


Our financial advisers will explore your eligibility for Centrelink payments, including any concessions that may be available. Our aim is to help you qualify for each benefit you are entitled to, even those you were not aware of, including rent assistance and a health care card.

There are several strategies that we employ to complete a thorough Centrelink analysis. We look at your current financial position and current dependents to ensure you have access to the appropriate entitlements. Our financial advisers understand the areas that have the most significant impact on your ability to receive Centrelink payments and will work within the established structures to explore every relevant area of benefit.

We take the time and stress out of the whole Centrelink process, not just during the setup stage, but also on an ongoing basis where circumstances may change. By acting as your Centrelink Liaison, we have the ability to update your details and discuss your situation directly with Centrelink so you don’t have to.

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