SA Ambulance Officers


Working in SA Health as an Ambulance Officer or Paramedic can be stressful. Providing emergency health care and transport for sick, injured, and aged persons can take its toll, and while you are working hard, in the background your benefits grow with Super SA.

Depending on when you started working, and which option you chose during the setup of your Super SA account, you may be entitled to unique benefits including a defined benefit or lump sum scheme, which operate very differently from typical superannuation funds.

Super SA is unique in that it is constitutionally protected, and compared to most accumulation funds, there are different contributions limits, lifetime caps and benefits available. While retirement dates are later than ever before, some of the rules and regulations around Super SA benefits have not changed. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a proper review of the options you have as you work full-time post age 60, consider reducing your working hours or retire altogether.

Carrington Financial Services have years of experience working with Ambulance Officers and Paramedics to navigate through the key dates leading to retirement, understanding your various options and helping you maximise your financial position with Super SA.

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